A Beginners Guide to Creating a Facebook Ad

Facebook advertising can be a great way to promote your business. Whether its sending visitors to your website, gaining followers, or shouting about your new store. Facebook allows you to target potential new customers and advertise your business.

The Facebook advertising platform provides businesses with a great opportunity to get their brand in front of people that matter. By tailoring audiences based on interests, location, age, gender and more, businesses can promote their brand, products or services. This highly targeted form of digital marketing (done correctly) can save businesses considerable money that would otherwise be spent on traditional marketing that targets the masses.

However without the correct ad and audience it can also be easy to throw money at Facebook advertising without seeing a return.

So what are the main things to include when creating a Facebook Advert?

There are numerous things to consider when creating your first ad. What works for one business may not work so well for another. Much of your adverts success will depend on the audience that you are targeting and how receptive they are. Those creating Facebook ads for B2B purposes no matter how tailored their ad are likely to see less engagement than those businesses who are advertising to their customers.

Facebook ad creationFirstly you should decide the goal of your advert. Are you wanting to drive people to your website? Do you want to get more like? Or are you looking to promote a new local shop you have opened?

Facebook provides tailored advertising for all of these and more.

Once you have decided the purpose of your advert, you can begin to create an ad that best promotes your business. Facebook allows you to ‘design your promotion’ providing you with the opportunity to create the text that will accompany your advert. Here you can also decide the headline of the ad, along with a destination URL, the image that will be shown and the main call to action. 

Deciding your destination URL will depending on what you wish to promote, if you want to promote your business and its brand, we recommend entering your homepage URL. However if you are looking to adverts or promote a specific product or service then you should promote the specific URL on your website.

Text. This is your main opportunity to tell your audience what you are about. Ensure that your content is well worded and gets across the main purpose of your ad e.g if you are promoting a service, include a little bit about the service, a starting price (optional) and the area that your service covers.

Headline. This has to be kept at 25 letters or below. This really depends on your preference and ideally should include your business name, product or service.

Image. This is the main part of your advert. You should choose an image that represents your brand, service, product or promotion. The image should be of good quality and clearly portray the message you are trying to get across. With so many images and ads on Facebook, your advertising image should be eye catching and professional. Facebook recommends that you include little or no text overlaid on your image.

Below is a summary of the recommended specs when designing your Facebook ads:

Facebook Images

  • Image size: 1,200 x 628 pixels
  • Image ratio: 1.91:1

Facebook Copy

  • Text: 90 characters
  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Link description: 30 characters

Creating an Audience

Ensuring that your ads are targeting the correct audience is one of the most important parts of your campaign. Create an audience that is too narrow and your ad will be limited to very few eyes. Create an audience that is too broad, and you will likely loss money showing your advert to an uninterested market. Luckily Facebook offers what is considered by many as one of the best advertising platforms available. When creating your audience you can tailor it by an almost limitless possibilities. Choose from variables such as gender, age, interests, location, job and much more.

Once you are happy with your audience and advert design, its time to set your budget and publish your advert. It is important to remember that there is no set recipe for success. It is worth starting out with a fairly low daily budget and working your way up. Adjust and test your ads to see what type of content and imagery gets the most engagement from your audience.

If you would like any help regarding setting up Facebook advertising for your business, Faber specialise in social media management and are more than happy to offer advise or create a campaign for your business.

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