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Social Media Management
Faber can look after all of your social media platforms. We understand that with so many outlets to monitor, managing all of your social media accounts can be a job in itself. We take the hassle out of social media and ensure all of your accounts are optimised, up to date and well managed.
Paid Social Advertising
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising can help your business reach its target market on the platforms they are most active. Our tailored advertising campaigns can turn social media into an invaluable form of revenue. Find new customers and build your profile and brand.
Creative for Social
Faber design compelling and engaging images, videos and infographics to give your social media campaign the best chance of success. We research your market and get to know your business to help us create engaging multimedia solutions that attract new customers.
We create engaging content for your social media campaigns that is tailored to your business and its target market. Our team of content experts specialise in SEO and social media. In many cases our social content has seen the engagement rates of our clients social accounts increase by over 300%.
We pride ourselves on creating exciting and original content that will add a new dimension to your business.
Faber will keep you regularly updated with the performance of your social media campaign. We use Facebook Insights and other social media analytics to give you an up to date overview of your social performance.
Our team of social media experts will continuously monitor your campaigns to ensure that they are achieving agreed targets and goals. We are always working on our campaigns to ensure optimum performance.

Social Media Coventry Specialists

Faber are social media Coventry experts. We enjoy working with a range of clients to deliver exciting engaging social media campaigns that deliver results. From paid social to organic brand building, we create original media that improves your business.

Social media management is a great way for local businesses to expand their customer base. Implementing a local social media campaign is cost effective and can result in almost instant success. Wherever your location you can embark on a campaign to improve the brand visibility of your business and drive new customers to your website or brick and mortar shop.

Nearly every social media platform allows for specific targeting, ensuring that your business is seen by those who are interested in the products or services that you offer. Faber social media Coventry agency work with local business to deliver social media campaigns that deliver results. We gain a strong insight into your business in order to understand your customers. 

With nearly everyone in the UK using social media in one form or another, paid social advertising is a great way to target your potential customers. The unique ability of social media to target people by location, age, interests and numerous other factors ensures that you are not wasting money advertising to people who are not interested in your business. By creating tailored audiences who are likely to be interested in your business, we can ensure that your business is seen by the people that matter to you.

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If you are interested in promoting your business via social media, or would like help creating social media page for your company then give us a call.

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Social Media Agency Coventry

Faber are social media Coventry experts. We have helped a wide range of businesses promote their brand, products and service across a variety of different social media plat forms. Faber can create cost effective social campaigns that get you r business in front of the people that matter most to your business.

Faber provide social media training that will help you get the best out of a wide variety of social media platforms. We specialise in helping businesses gain and understanding and working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social platforms. Our training courses educate businesses on everything from setting up social media pages to engaging with your customers and advertising your business.

Like Google, social media platforms are the most visited websites and apps in the world. They provide a great opportunity to engage with new and existing customers. Our social media training will allow your business to thrive on social media. Whether you are looking to social to drive direct revenue to your business, or you wish to improve your brand awareness, Faber can help.

We provide a variety of different training courses depending on your needs. Our more advanced training will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to run Facebook ads and drive online sales. We provide in depth social media courses that cover aspects such as creating engaging imagery, using persuasive content, and creating bespoke audiences to ensure your social ads are seen by the right people.

Senior Sales Manager
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Paid social advertising provides a marketing opportunity like no other. The ability provided by Facebook to promote your content, business, products and services to a targeted audience who have expressed an interest in areas related to your business means that you no longer need to waste money on traditional advertising. Facebook ads are extremely targeted and carried out correctly have the best conversion rates of all online marketing outlets.

Get creative with your content. Social media gives your direct access to your followers, customers and wider audience. Developing creative campaigns using imagery, video and story telling provide the perfect opportunity to gain a loyal and engaged following.

Marketing Manager

Faber SEO helped our business get online. They built us a website that converts and can be easily found online when our potential customers search for the key words in our industry.

Business Director

The team at Faber SEO have delivered what no other SEO agency have previously been able to achieve. Our online exposure has helped the business grow. Online sales is now one of our leading revenue streams thanks to Faber.